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Type Botanical Name Common Name Description Height Light Req. Zone Add to My List
Edibles ASIMINA triloba Paw Paw

An eastern native with large tropical leaves and custardy, banana-flavored fruits. A beautiful and exotic tree that has been hardy for us!  

15-20 feet Sun/Part Shade 5
Edibles MALUS ‘Empire’ Apple

A cross between MacIntosh and Red Delicious with good flavor and storage life.  Bears in mid-September medium-sized, red-skinned apples slightly tart. Good disease-resistance.

12-15 feet
Edibles MALUS ‘Honeycrisp’ Apple

Honeycrisp is “explosively crisp” with an unbeatable sweet, juicy flavor. Color can range from brilliant red with some striping to mostly red-striped over a straw yellow background color when ready to pick. Very hardy and productive.

10-15 feet Sun 4
Edibles MALUS ‘Kindercrisp’ Apple

Developed by a breeder in Minnesota, this hardy new variety produces mini Honeycrisp-like fruit.

10-15 feet
Edibles MALUS ‘Macoun’ Apple

A delicious mid-season apple with dark red and green skin and white, flavorful firm flesh.

12-15 feet
Edibles MALUS Apple Espalier Apple

We will offer Fuji, Gravenstein and Gala apples trained as espaliers as well as plants that have 4 varieties grafted on to one plant!

as trained
Edibles PRUNUS ‘North Star’ Sour Cherry

A genetic dwarf selected at the University of MN. Very productive sour pie cherry. Self-fertile.

8-10 feet Sun 4
Edibles PRUNUS ‘White Gold’ SOLD OUT Sweet Cherry

Yellow sweet fruit blushed red ripen midseason.  Plants are self-fertile and disease-resistant.

20-25 feet
Edibles PRUNUS maritima Beach Plum

Quick growing attractive native shrub. Pretty white spring flowers that appear before the foliage and small purple edible plums are good for fresh eating, and jams/jellies. Tolerant of salt and poor soils.

3-6 feet Sun 4
Edibles PRUNUS ‘Contender’ Peach

A vigorous and productive new peach for the north! Buds are hardier and blooms later, so more suitable for our climate. Flesh is bright yellow, sweet and juicy and ripens mid to late August. Good disease resistance. Self-fertile.

12-15 feet Sun 4
Edibles PRUNUS ‘Reliance’ SOLD OUT Peach

One of the hardiest peaches available. Medium sized fruit, flesh is bright yellow, soft & juicy, ripening late July to early August. Self-fertile.

15-20 feet Sun 5
Edibles PRUNUS ‘Alderman’ Plum

Blanketed in stunning clusters of fragrant white flowers in early spring before the leaves. A popular and hardy fruit tree with tasty red fruit in late summer, great for eating fresh, for preserves and sauces. Good habit for a fruit tree. Needs well-drained soil and a pollinator.

15 feet 4
Edibles PRUNUS ‘Stanley’ Plum

Deep purple oval fruit with golden flesh.  Ripens in September and self-pollinating.

10-15 feet 5
Edibles PRUNUS ‘Toka’ Plum

A hardy fruit tree with showy fragrant white flowers in spring followed by tangy bright red fruit in late summer, great for fresh eating, rather ornamental spreading habit; needs full sun and well-drained soil, a good pollinator for other plum varieties.

20 feet 3
Edibles PRUNUS ‘Waneta’ Plum

A large and extremely hardy plum packed with flavor. A precocious bearer, often fruiting within the first couple of years after planting and producing consistently large yields. Waneta plum is a large plum with tart red skin and sweet, juicy yellow flesh. It has a small pit and ripens in early September. Needs pollinator.

13-15 feet 3
Edibles PYRUS Pear Espalier Pear

We will offer Bartlett and Anjou pears trained as espaliers.  

as trained
Edibles PYRUS ‘Golden Spice’ Pear

A very hardy pear with small yellow fruit blushed red.  Best for canning, okay for eating.  Fireblight resistant.  Use to pollinate ‘Ure’.

15-20 feet 3
Edibles PYRUS ‘Luscious’ Pear

A hardy pear with small, sweet fruit in early fall.  Yellow-green pears are blushed red and flesh is white.  Disease resistant. Needs pollinator for best production.

15-20 feet
Edibles PYRUS ‘Ure’ Pear

A super hardy pear developed in Canada.  Juicy green-yellow 2” fruit ripens in mid-August. Pollinate with ‘Golden Spice’

15-20 feet 3
Edibles VACCINIUM angustifolium Low Bush Blueberry

Our native blueberry. Makes an interesting ground cover in the garden with tasty fruit and lovely red fall color.

10-12 inches Sun/Part Shade 3
Edibles VACCINIUM angustifolium ‘Brunswick’ Low Bush Blueberry

A vigorous form with shiny foliage and pea-sized blueberries.  Leaves are red in spring and fall.

12-18 inches 3
Edibles VACCINIUM corymbosum ‘Blue Ray’ Highbush Blueberry

Early to midseason fruit with excellent flavor.

6-8 feet
Edibles VACCINIUM corymbosum ‘Bonus’ Highbush Blueberry

A mid to late season fruiter with extra large, almost grape-sized berries.

6-8 feet
Edibles VACCINIUM corymbosum ‘Duke’ Highbush Blueberry

This cultivar blooms late (avoiding spring frosts), but fruits early!  Prolific large, light blue berries.

6-8 feet
Edibles VACCINIUM corymbosum ‘Earliblue’ Highbush Blueberry

One of the first highbush blueberries to bloom and fruit.  Berries are medium-large and light blue.

6-8 feet 5
Edibles VACCINIUM corymbosum ‘Patriot’ Highbush Blueberry

Early fruiting variety with good hardiness.

6-8 feet 4
Edibles VACCINIUM corymbosum ‘Sweetheart’ Highbush Blueberry

An early producer of large, sweet berries with a possible second, lighter crop in the fall.

5-6 feet
Edibles VACCINIUM ‘Northland’ Half High Blueberry

Developed in Michigan for harsh winters. Small wild berry-like fruits.

2-4 feet
Edibles VACCINIUM ‘Pink Popcorn’ Hybrid Blueberry

A new variety with pale green fruit that ripens to pale creamy pink in midseason. Heavy producer with true blueberry flavor.

4-5 feet