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Type Botanical Name Native Common Name Description Height Light Req. Zone Add to My List
Perennial SALVIS nemorosa ‘Blue Hill’ Wood Sage

A compact and bushy plant covered in spikes of a rich violet-blue blooming throughout the summer. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds Deer and rabbit resistant Drought tolerant

12-24" Full sun 4
Perennial SANGUINARIA canadensis Bloodroot

The clear, white, many-petaled blossom may open before the leaf has completely unwrapped, rising slightly above the leaf to a height of 6-10 in. Leaves, which are large, round and deeply cleft, eventually reach a height of 12-14 in.

12-14" Part Shade/Shade 3
Perennial SANGUISORBA canadensis Canadian Burnet

Handsome pinnate foliage and 8″ long, white bottlebrush-like flowers in fall.

3-4 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Perennial SANGUISORBA hakusanensis ‘Lilac Squirrel’ Korean Burnet

Gorgeous arching wands of fluffy pink over blue-green foliage summer through fall. Swaying in every breeze this fantastic plants brings movement to the garden as it weaves through surrounding plants. Makes a beautiful cut flower.

24-36 inches Sun/Part Shade 4
Perennial SANGUISORBA ‘Little Angel’ Burnet

Small red bottle-brush flowers in midsummer over tidy green and white variegated foliage.

1-2 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Perennial SANGUISORBA officinalis ‘Blackthorn’ Burnet

Smokey-pink candles rise on strong stems in August.

36-48" Sun/Part Shade 4
Perennial SANGUISORBA officinalis ‘Red Thunder’ Burnet

Wine red bottlebrush blooms on stiff stems over green pinnate foliage. Blooms from midsummer into the fall.

3-4 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Perennial SANGUISORBA officinalis ‘Tanna’ Great Burnet

Mounds of crimped blue-green foliage bear stems of deep red bottle-brush flowers all summer and into fall. Deer and rabbit resistant

12-24" Sun 4
Perennial SANGUISORBA tenuifolia Red Burnet

Small wine red bottle-brush flowers on tall stems in late summer.  Best in moist sites.

4-6 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Perennial SANGUISORBA tenuifolia ‘Alba’ White Burnet

Small white bottle-brush flowers on tall stems in late summer.  Best in moist sites.

4-6 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Perennial SANGUISORBA tenuifolia ‘Pink Elephant’ Burnet

Rose-pink bottlebrush flowers float over the finely cut foliage attracting many pollinators to the garden.

3-5 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Perennial SAPONARIA ocymoides Soapwort

This plant is densely branched with a mounding to trailing habit, creating a mat 6-8″ tall with a 1-2′ spread. In summer (May to August) the plant is carpeted in sprays of small, bright pink flowers. Tolerates some drought once established making it a nice addition to the sunny rock garden. After flowering, shear back by […]

6-8" Sun 2
Perennial SAXIFRAGA ‘Highlander Rose’ Mossy Saxifrage

Mossy green mounds of needle-like leaves are topped in spring with rose-pink flowers.

4-8 inches Sun/Part Shade 5
Perennial SAXIFRAGA ‘Purple Robe’ Mossy Saxifrage

This selection forms a low cushion of green leaves bearing short stems of upfacing, carmine-red flowers from spring through mid-summer. Requires a cool, moist location. Dislikes drought and hot, humid summer weather. Trim lightly after flowering to remove the flower stems. Deer and rabbit resistant

8-10" Part Shade 4
Perennial SAXIFRAGA stolonifera Strawberry Begonia

Pubescent, rounded gray-green foliage is marked with silver. Undersides are maroon red.  Spreads by red stolons from which “plantlets” dangle.  Small white flowers in spring. Marginally hardy here, but makes a great hanging basket!

6-8 inches Part Shade/Shade 5
Perennial SCABIOSA caucasica ‘Fama Deep Blue’ Pincushion Flower

Deep cobalt blue with the largest flower of all the Scabiosa -up to 4″ across, making this a valuable cut flower. Deadhead to keep it blooming all summer. Deer/drought resistant. Best in non-acidic soils. Attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

18-24 inches Sun 4
Perennial SCABIOSA ‘Mongolian Mist’ Pincushion Flower

Large, dazzling purple-blue, full pincushions arising from substantial stems above elegant, deep green, textured mounds. Midsummer. Attracts butterflies.

14-16 inches Sun/Part Shade 4
Grass SCHIZACHYRIUM scoparium ‘Blue Heaven’ Little Bluestem

An improved selection with a more upright habit. Steel blue foliage highlighted with purple turns colorful shades of orange, red, pink and purple in the fall. Flower panicles are a glossy purple.

42-54 inches Sun 3
Perennial SEDUM ‘Abbeydore’ Stonecrop

Pink to red flowers in late summer over tidy blue-green foliage.  Red seedpods follow.  Upright and compact.  

14-16 inches Sun 3
Perennial SEDUM album ‘Coral Carpet’ Stonecrop

Small, rounded, succulent foliage in a spreading mat. Leaves emerge coral in spring and turn bronzy red in the autumn. White flowers in June.

3-6 inches Sun 3
Perennial SEDUM ‘Blue Elf’ Stonecrop

A low-growing mat-forming succulent that typically rises to only 3” tall but spreads to 15” wide over the first year. Clusters of fragrant dark pink flowers smother the plant foliage in late summer (August-September). Steel blue tufted foliage rosettes of this plant come from the orostachys parent. Pink flowers come from the sedum parent.

2-4" Sun 4
Perennial SEDUM ‘Carl’ Stonecrop

More compact than S. ‘Autumn Joy’ and more resistant to stem rot. Large clusters of deep pink flowers over a dense clump of gray-green foliage from late summer into fall.

18-20 inches Sun 3
Perennial SEDUM cauticola ‘Lidakense’ Stonecrop

Low cushions of blue-gray foliage edged in purple. Rose flowers in late summer.

3-4 inches Sun 4
Perennial SEDUM ‘Class Act’ Stonecrop

Large heads of bright rose-pink flowers in late summer on upright compact plants. RHS merit award winner.

14-16 inches Sun 4
Perennial SEDUM ‘Cutting Edge’ Stonecrop

Bright butter yellow edges and hints of pink in spring. Yellow edged, bright green foliage on mounding plants 6-8” tall and spreading over 12″ wide look good from Spring to Fall

6-8 inches 3
Perennial SEDUM dasyphyllum ‘Himalayan Skies’ Stonecrop

Rosettes of blue-green leaves are completely covered by tiny white flowers in summer. Low growing and mat-forming. Drought tolerant Deer resistant

2-3" Full sun 5
Perennial SEDUM ‘Desert Red’ Stonecrop

Low spreader with blue-green foliage darkening in bright sun. Deep rose flowers in late summer followed by shiny red seed heads.

4-6 inches Sun 4
Perennial SEDUM ‘Double Martini’ Stonecrop

Olive green foliage on contrasting maroon stems topped with pink flowers in summer.

14-16 inches Sun 4
Perennial SEDUM ‘Dream Dazzler’ Stonecrop

A sport of Plum Dazzled. Colorful tricolored leaves emerge in spring with a collage of pink, white and purple. In full summer sun, the centers turn dark purple with hot pink edges. Masses of magenta-pink flowers in early fall.

14-16 inches Sun 4
Perennial SEDUM ‘John Creech’ Stonecrop

A very good groundcover with pink flowers in July over bright green foliage.

1-2 inches Sun 3
Perennial SEDUM ‘Lemonjade’ Stonecrop

Lemon yellow flowers in early fall cover the stocky mounds of gray-green toothed foliage.

16-18 inches Sun 3
Perennial SEDUM ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ Stonecrop

Clusters of bright yellow flowers in summer cover the glossy, dark green foliage.  Habit is tidy and compact.

6-8 inches Sun 3
Perennial SEDUM ‘Matrona’ Stonecrop

Gray-green leaves edged pink with large pink flowers in Aug-Sept.

20-22 inches Sun 4
Perennial SEDUM ‘Night Embers’ Autumn Stonecrop

Upright habit of dark black-purple, semi-glossy succulent leaves. Small clusters of light mauve pink flowers are produced on deep red stems.

24-26" Sun 3
Perennial SEDUM reflexum ‘Blue Spruce’ Stonecrop

Mat-forming stems covered in blue-green needle like leaves. Bright yellow flowers in summer are a wonderful contrast!

6-8" Sun 4
Perennial SEDUM rupestre ‘Angelina’ Stonecrop

Brilliant yellow spruce-like foliage. Yellow flowers in summer. Excellent for ground cover or container.

6-8 inches Sun 4
Perennial SEDUM sexangulare Spanish Stonecrop

Bright golden, six fingered foliage. Bright yellow, star-shaped flowers bloom in summer.

4-6 inches Sun 5
Perennial SEDUM sieboldii ‘Variegata’ October Daphne

Striking gold and blue variegated foliage on a compact mounding plant. Pink flowers in fall.

10-12 inches Sun 3
Perennial SEDUM sieboldii ‘Nana’ Stonecrop

A low grower with gray-green leaves; bright pink flowers over long period in late summer-fall. Choice rock garden, ground cover, or roof garden selection. Requires excellent drainage.

4-8" Sun 4
Perennial SEDUM spectabile ‘Autumn Fire’ Showy Stonecrop

An improved S. ‘Autumn Joy’ with thicker stems that hold the flower heads more erect.

28-30 inches Sun 3
Perennial SEDUM spectabile ‘Autumn Joy’ Showy Stonecrop

Reliable performer. Fleshy foliage topped by flattened clusters of flowers starting pink in August, turning rust by late fall. Part shade or moist soil OK. Attracts bees and butterflies Deer resistant Drought tolerant

24-26 inches Sun 3
Perennial SEDUM spectabile ‘Neon’ Stonecrop

Sport of S. ‘Brilliant’ with deeper, more consistent rose-pink color. 

22-24 inches Sun 3
Perennial SEDUM spurium ‘Tricolor’ Stonecrop

Red, green and white foliage with pale pink flowers.

2-4 inches Sun 3
Perennial SEDUM spurium ‘Voodoo’ Stonecrop

Mats of intense bronze to deep mahogany foliage. Rose-red flowers late in the season.

2-4 inches Sun 3
Perennial SEDUM Sunsparkler ‘Firecracker’ Stonecrop

A dense-growing sedum with burgundy red foliage and a short, mounded habit. Vibrant pink flower clusters in August and September.

4-6 inches Sun 4
Perennial SEDUM Sunsparkler ‘Wildfire’ Stonecrop

A sport of S. ‘Firecracker’ with burgundy red foliage edged in pink and rose-pink flowers in late summer.

4-6 inches Full sun 4
Perennial SEDUM ‘Rock ‘N Grow Superstar’ Stonecrop

Hot pink flowers in late summer cover the smoky blue-gray foliage.  Forms a compact mound.

10-12 inches Sun 3
Perennial SEDUM takesimense ‘Atlantis’ Stonecrop

Low spreader with striking cream variegation on the dark green, serrated foliage.  Small yellow flowers in midsummer.

4-6 inches Sun 4
Perennial SEDUM telephium ‘Cherry Truffle’ Stonecrop

Very dark purple-black foliage on sturdy upright stems. Pink flowers at the ends of the stems in mid-summer really bring in the pollinators.

12-24 inches Sun 4
Perennial SEDUM ternatum ‘Larinem Park’ Woodland Stonecrop

Dense compact spreader with fine-textured white flowers in May-June. Lovely fall color. Shade tolerant.

2-4 inches Sun/Part Shade 3