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Type Botanical Name Native Common Name Description Height Light Req. Zone Add to My List
Annual GASTERIA minima Gastric

An adorable mini succulent with flat, stemless, tongue-like fleshy foliage dotted in white

2-4 inches Succulent
Annual GAURA ‘Stratosphere Pink Picotee’ Gaura

Butterfly-like light pink blooms all summer on an upright plant.  Best if not fed too heavily.  Heat and drought tolerant. May sometimes overwinter.  

18-20 inches 6
Annual GAURA ‘Stratosphere White’ Gaura

Butterfly-like  white blooms all summer.  Best if not fed too heavily.  Heat and drought tolerant. May sometimes overwinter.  Upright habit.

18-24 inches 6
Annual GAZANIA rigens ‘Silverlight’ Gazania

Narrow silver foliage topped by bright yellow daisies through the summer.  Heat and drought tolerant.

6-8 inches
Annual GLADIOLUS callianthus ‘Murielae’ Acidanthera

Fragrant white blooms marked with purple in late summer.  Attractive sword-like foliage. Corms easy to store in the north. 

2-4 feet Tropical
Annual Gomphrena ‘Truffula Pink’ Globe Amaranth

Clover-like flowers of a bright hot pink with dots of yellow all summer. Makes a long-lasting cut flower.

36-42" Sun Tropical
Annual Helichrysum petiolare Licorice Plant

Vigorous trailer with rounded, silver, wooly leaves.

8-12" Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual HELICHRYSUM petiolare’Limelight’ Licorice Plant

Outstanding foliage plants with 3′ branching stems and chartreuse woolly leaves.  Outstanding in mixed containers.

36-42 inch spread Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual HELIOTROPIUM ‘Fragrant Delight’ Heliotrope

Deep purple flower clusters with excellent vanilla fragrance.

18-24 inches
Annual HELIOTROPIUM arborescens ‘Marine’ Heliotrope

Deep violet fragrant flower clusters over large, dark green foliage.

16-18 inches
Annual Hibiscus tiliaceus ‘Variegatus’ Tricolor Hibiscus

Growing into a small tree with speckled variegated heart-shaped leaves with the newest growth flushed in red.

4-5 feet Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual Huernia ‘Zebrina’ Lifesaver Plant

Toothed stems are upright and trailing bearing the most unusual flowers that are star-shaped and striped with a red lifesaver candy-like center!

4-6 inches Sun Succulent
Annual HYMENOCALLIS harrisiana Spider Lily

Fragrant white flowers with delicate very narrow petals from a central cup.  Blooms in midsummer. Glaucous strap-like foliage.  Plant will go dormant in late summer.

10-12 inches Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual IMPATIENS ‘Sunpatiens Compact White’ New Guinea Impatiens

Large, clean white flowers over long, dark green leaves.  Tidy and compact habit.  Will bloom through the summer.

16-30 inches Sun/Part Shade/Shade
Annual IPOMOEA batatas ‘Blackie’ Ornamental Sweet Potato

Palmately-lobed deep purple leaves along trailing stems.  Excellent for pots.

2-3 feet wide Sun/Part Shade Overwinter Dormant Indoors
Annual IPOMOEA batatas ‘Margarita’ Ornamental Sweet Potato

Heart-shaped leaves are glowing chartreuse on trailing stems. Great for baskets and containers.

2-3 feet wide Sun/Part Shade Overwinter Dormant Indoors
Annual Ipomoea ‘Red Hawk’ Sweet Potato Vine

Large copper maple-like leaves on trailing stems.

10-16" Sun/Part Shade Overwinter Dormant Indoors
Annual KALANCHOE fedtschenkoi ‘Marginata’ Rainbow Kalanchoe

Succulent, scallop-edged foliage is blue-green and variegated with cream and pink.  Orange dangling bell flowers emerge in winter.

12-20 inches Sun Succulent
Annual Lampranthus blandus Pink Vygie

Small toothed succulent leaves with red dots are upright to trailing. Free blooming through summer with clusters of bright pink flowers.

18-20 inches Sun Succulent
Annual LANTANA ‘Bandana Cherry’ Lantana

Large umbels of hot pink flowers centered with yellow and peach on a compact plant.  Heat and drought tolerant.

12-24 inches Tropical
Annual Lantana ‘Bandana Cherry Sunrise’ Lantana

Deep magenta-red with apricot and yellow.

12-24" Sun Tropical
Annual Lantana ‘Bandana Lemon Zest’ Lantana

Large clusters of lemon-yellow to creamy white blooms.

12-24 inches Sun Tropical
Annual LANTANA ‘Bandana Red’ Lantana

Large clusters of red flowers shade to orange in the center.

12-24 inches Tropical
Annual LANTANA ‘Bandana White’ Lantana

Large clusters of lemon yellow flowers mature to creamy white.

12-24 inches Tropical
Annual Lantana ‘Miss Huff’ Lantana

Flowers of pink, salmon-orange and rose.

24-48" Sun Tropical
Annual LAURUS nobilis Bay Laurel

Evergreen, sturdy and fragrant. Because it is slow growing, it makes an excellent container plant. Leave the pot outside during summer and bring it inside for the winter in colder zones.

3-4 feet in a container Tropical
Annual LEDEBOURIA socialis Silver Scilla

Bulbous plant with spotted leaves and flowers in spring looking just like Grape Hyacinth.

4-6 inches Part Shade Tropical
Annual LOBELIA erinus ‘Regatta Blue Splash’ Annual Lobelia

White flowers splashed blue on a trailing plant. Regattas will bloom through the summer.

6-8 inches Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual LOBELIA erinus ‘Regatta Sky Blue’ Annual Lobelia

Lovely sky blue flowers on compact plants.  This variety is heat-tolerant and weather resistant.  An excellent choice for edging and containers.

4-6 inches Sun/Part Shade
Annual LOTUS berthelotii Parrot's Beak

Silvery, needle foliage and orange-red “parrot beak”-like blooms when evenings are cool. Trailing habit to 3 feet. Good foliage accent in containers.

6-8 inches Tropical
Annual MANDEVILLA Assorted Cultivars Mandevilla

Large white, pink or red trumpet-shaped flowers on vigorous vines through the summer.  Beautiful glossy foliage.

high as staked Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual Mina lobata Firecracker Vine

Twining vine with crimson to scarlet to orange to yellow and creamy white flowers all at once.

15 feet Sun Tropical
Annual NEPHROLEPSIS exaltata ‘Emerald Vase’ Emerald Vase Boston Fern

A dwarf upright Boston fern with very frilly green foliage.

12-15 inches Part Shade/Shade Tropical
Annual NEPHROLEPSIS exaltata ‘Tiger’ Boston Fern

A Boston fern with dark green foliage streaked with chartreuse.

16-18 inches Part Shade/Shade Tropical
Annual NICOTIANA langsdorfii Flowering Tobacco

Profuse sprays of long, creamy green bells through the summer.  Will reseed reliably.

2-3 feet Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual NICOTIANA mutabilis Flowering Tobacco

Tall grower with white to rose pink tubular flowers in large clusters through the summer.

4-6 feet Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual NICOTIANA sylvestris Flowering Tobacco

Huge, light green leaves on four foot stalks are crowned with fragrant, long tubular white flowers.

3-4 feet Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual OXALIS vulcanicola ‘Sunset Velvet’ Shamrock

Clover-shaped golden foliage blushed copper covered with bright yellow flowers. 

6-8 inches Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual OXYPETALUM caeruleum Tweedia

A Milkweed relative with lovely sky blue flowers on arching stems through the summer if pods are removed. Foliage a soft gray-green.

18-24 inches Sun Tropical
Annual PACHYPHYTUM ‘Blue Haze’ Pachyphytum

Rosettes of thick, rounded blue-gray foliage tinged pink.  Small orange-red flowers late in the season.

4-6 inches Succulent
Annual Pandora jasminoides ‘Variegata’ Variegated Bower Vine

A beautiful twining vine with cream and green variegated foliage. Large pink trumpet flowers with a bright pink throat are produced summer to fall.

10-14 feet Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual Passiflora caerulea ‘Blue Bahama’ Passion Flower

Unusual gorgeous blue and green and white flowers.

10-15 feet Sun/Part Shade Overwinter Indoors
Annual Pelargonium ‘Crystal Palace Gem’ Geranium

Bright gold foliage with a darker central blotch and orange flowers.

12-24 inches Sun Overwinter Indoors
Annual PELARGONIUM ‘Distinctive’ Fancy Leaf Geranium

A compact grower with rounded and toothed green foliage with a thin chocolate margin.  Flower are bright red.

8-12 inches Tropical
Annual PELARGONIUM ‘Mrs. Peters’ Geranium

White-edged gray-green foliage with double, rose pink flowers. Habit is compact.

Mrs. Peters Tropical
Annual PELARGONIUM ‘Persian Queen’ Fancy Leaf Geranium

Chatreuse gold foliage with large fuchsia pink flowers.

14-16 inches Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual PELARGONIUM Scented Types Scented Geraniums

Easy to grow geraniums with wonderful fragrant foliage.  We’ll carry rose, lemon and many other scented forms.

1-3 feet Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual PELARGONIUM sidoides Geranium

Deep maroon flowers on fine stems over small grey foliage.  Good for trailing out of a mixed planter.

12-14 inches Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual PELARGONIUM x ‘Vancouver Centenial’ Fancy Leaf Geranium

A compact form with striking bronze foliage edged in gold.  Flowers are red.

10-12 inches Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual PENNISETUM purpureum ‘Vertigo’ Red Fountain Grass

An upright form with wide, deep green foliage that matures to dark purple.  Large and dramatic!

4-8 feet Tropical