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Type Botanical Name Native Common Name Description Height Light Req. Zone Add to My List
Annual GAURA ‘Stratosphere Pink Picotee’ Gaura

Butterfly-like light pink blooms all summer on an upright plant.  Best if not fed too heavily.  Heat and drought tolerant. May sometimes overwinter (zone 6 rated).  

18-20 inches Sun Tropical
Annual GAURA ‘Stratosphere White’ Gaura

Butterfly-like white blooms all summer. Best if not fed too heavily.  Heat and drought tolerant. May sometimes overwinter (zone 6).  Upright habit.

18-24 inches Sun Tropical
Annual GLADIOLUS callianthus ‘Murielae’ Abyssinian Sword Lily

Fragrant white blooms marked with purple in late summer.  Attractive sword-like foliage. Corms easy to store in the north. Syn. Acidanthera

2-4 feet Sun 7
Annual GLADIOLUS ‘Mirella’ Miniature Sword Lily

Bright red blooms with slightly ruffled edges in late summer. Corms are easily dug and brought inside to overwinter.

18-24 inches Sun Overwinter Indoors
Annual GOMPHRENA ‘All Around Purple’ Gomphrena

Spherical 1 inch rich-purple flower heads are both excellent cut and dried flowers. Blooms through the summer.

16-18 inches Sun Tropical
Annual GOMPHRENA ‘Fireworks’ Gomphrena

Spherical 1 inch hot pink flower heads tipped in yellow on strong stems are excellent cut flowers.  Forms a large, bushy plant by the end of the summer.

3-4 feet Sun Tropical
Annual GOMPHRENA globosa ‘Red Selection’ Gomphrena

Easy and free-flowering with spherical 1-2 inch red flower heads that are excellent both cut and dried.

16-18 inches Sun Tropical
Annual GRAPTOSEDUM ‘Alpenglow” Graptosedum

A Graptopetalum and Sedum hybrid. A bronze/pink succulent that trails as it grows. The rosettes grow tightly along the stem. Syn. Vera Higgins

6-8 inches Sun/Part Shade Succulent
Annual HEDERA helix -general English Ivy

We’ve rooted cuttings from a few resident ‘mother’ ivy plants- ‘Filigran’, Henriette’, and ‘Ingobert’. Treated as a houseplant or for hanging baskets. Solid green ivies are tolerant of shade, while variegated ivies prefer part sun.

12 inches Part Shade/Shade Tropical
Annual HELIANTHUS ‘Suncredible Saturn’ Sunflower

Everblooming 4″ large yellow with orange-red banding; excellent cut flower. Doesn’t require deadheading; great for bees/birds/butterflies/critters, but deer resistant!

24-32 inches Sun Tropical
Annual HELICHRYSUM petiolare Licorice Plant

Vigorous trailer with rounded, silver, wooly leaves.

8-12" Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual HELICHRYSUM petiolare’Limelight’ Licorice Plant

Outstanding foliage plants with 3′ branching stems and chartreuse woolly leaves.  Outstanding in mixed containers.

36-42 inch spread Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual HELIOTROPIUM arborescens ‘Marine’ Heliotrope

Deep violet fragrant flower clusters over large, dark green foliage.

16-18 inches Sun Tropical
Annual HELIOTROPIUM ‘Augusta Lavender’

Old fashioned fragrance! Light lavender with a yellow eye.

Full sun
Annual HEMIZYGIA ‘Candy Kisses’

Variegated soft leaves edged in cream with dark purple stems. In late summer it produces spikes of salvia-like flowers in a sweet shade of pink.

Full Sun/Part Shade
Annual HERBS -assorted culinary

We’ll have a selection of culinary herbs available- standards like thyme, basil, oregano, etc. plus some more uncommon varieties!

Sun Varies
Annual HIBISCUS tiliaceus ‘Variegatus’ Tricolor Hibiscus

Growing into a small tree with speckled variegated heart-shaped leaves with the newest growth flushed in red.

4-5 feet Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual HUERINA ‘Zebrina’ Lifesaver Plant

Toothed stems are upright and trailing bearing the most unusual flowers that are star-shaped and striped with a red lifesaver candy-like center!

4-6 inches Sun Succulent
Annual HYMENOCALLIS harrisoniana Spider Lily

Fragrant white flowers with delicate very narrow petals from a central cup.  Blooms in midsummer. Glaucous strap-like foliage.  Plant will go dormant in late summer.

10-12 inches Sun/Part Shade Overwinter Dormant Indoors
Annual IMPATIENS ‘Bounce Pink Flame’ Impatiens

Prolific bright-hot pink blooms; resistant to downy mildew; thrives in part sun and shade.

14-20 inches Part Shade/Shade Tropical
Annual IMPATIENS ‘Bounce White’ Impatiens

Prolific white with dark eye blooms; resistant to downy mildew; thrives in part sun and shade.

14-20 inches Part Shade/Shade Tropical
Annual IMPATIENS ‘Sonic Salmon’ New Guinea Impatiens

Compact habit and covered in extra large dark-salmon blooms.

14 inches Part Shade/Shade Tropical
Annual IMPATIENS ‘Sonic White’ New Guinea Impatiens

Deep green foliage with large pure white flowers.

12-18 inches Full Sun/Part Shade
Annual IPOMEA ‘FloraMia Limon’ Sweet Potato Vine

Heart-shaped lime-green foliage with a more compact habit, semi-trailing to only 2 feet. More shade tolerant.

4-8 inches Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual IPOMEA ‘FloraMia Rosso’ Sweet Potato Vine

Heart-shaped leaves in shades of burgundy to copper trailing up to 2 feet. Very compact habit, great in hanging baskets. More shade tolerant.

4-8 inches Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual IPOMOEA alba Moonflower

A tropical vine, grown here as an annual from seed, with large fragrant white flowers that open in the evening.

10-12 feet Full sun
Annual IPOMOEA ‘Chiaki’ Morning glory

Twining vine with pale blue trumpets that fade to a pink throat. A bright white star completes the look.

10-15 feet Full sun
Annual IPOMOEA ‘Illusion Emerald Lace’ Sweet Potato Vine

Deeply cut bright green foliage trails over the pot edge.

Full Sun/Part Shade
Annual IPOMOEA quamoclit Cardinal Climber

Lacy and feathery foliage adorn this twining vine. Bright red stars bring in the hummingbirds like crazy!

10-12 feet Full sun
Annual IPOMOEA ‘Sidekick Heart Bronze’ Sweet Potato Vine

Gold foliage with bronze tints cascades over the pot edge.

Full Sun/Part Shade
Annual JASMINUM officinale ‘Melissa’ Jasmine

A selection of Poet’s Jasmine. The intensely fragrant white flowers are worthwhile to grow as an annual here in VT! Can also be overwintered indoors. This vining climber grows quickly and blooms from early summer through fall. Self-pollinating.

15-30 feet Sun/Part Shade 7
Annual KALANCHOE daigremontiana Devil's Backbone, Mother of Thousands

The leaves grow tiny bulbils along the edges, and when they fall to the ground, they grow new plants.

3 feet Full sun Tropical
Annual KALANCHOE fedtschenkoi ‘Marginata’ Rainbow Kalanchoe

Succulent, scallop-edged foliage is blue-green and variegated with cream and pink.  Orange dangling bell flowers emerge in winter.

12-20 inches Sun Succulent
Annual KALANCHOE tomentosa ‘Chocolate Soldier’ Teddy Bear Plant

Fuzzy, concave succulent leaves are tipped in brown.

18-24 inches Sun Succulent
Annual LAMPRANTHUS blandus ‘Pink Vygi’ Pink Vygie

Small toothed succulent leaves with red dots are upright to trailing. Free blooming through summer with clusters of bright pink flowers.

18-20 inches Sun Succulent
Annual LANTANA ‘Bandana Cherry’ Lantana

Large umbels of hot pink flowers centered with yellow and peach on a compact plant.  Heat and drought tolerant.

12-24 inches Tropical
Annual LANTANA ‘Bandana Cherry Sunrise’ Lantana

Lantanas are heat/drought tolerant and great for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds! Deep magenta-red with apricot and yellow.

12-24 Sun Tropical
Annual LANTANA ‘Bandana Lemon Zest’ Lantana

Large clusters of lemon-yellow to creamy white blooms.

12-24 inches Sun Tropical
Annual LANTANA ‘Bandana Peach’ Lantana

Large umbels of peach and yellow flowers on a compact plant.  Heat and drought tolerant.

14-16 inches Sun Tropical
Annual LANTANA ‘Bandana Pink’

Mounding and bushy with bright pink flowers sporting a yellow eye, as the flowers age they turn completely pink.

Full sun
Annual LANTANA ‘Bandana Red’ Lantana

Large clusters of red flowers shade to orange in the center.

12-24 inches Sun Tropical
Annual LANTANA ‘Confetti’ Lantana

Upright-growing with flowers that are a combination of pink, salmon and red.

2-3 feet Tropical
Annual LANTANA ‘Light Yellow’

Mounding with smaller leaves and pale yellow flowers.

Full sun
Annual LANTANA ‘Lucky Lavender’ Lantana

The ‘Lucky’ series is known for being more compact and heavier-blooming. Lavender-pink/cream/yellow flowers from late-spring through fall attract pollinators. Deer/rabbit resistant; salt/heat tolerant.

1-2 feet Sun Tropical
Annual LANTANA ‘Marmalade’ Lantana

Bright red-orange blooms that butterflies love! Heat/drought tolerant. Mounding habit. Deer resistant.

12-20 inches Sun Tropical
Annual LANTANA ‘Pink Caprice’

Pink on the lower half, yellow on the upper half of every flower head on this mounding to slightly trailing plant. Hummingbird magnet

Full sun
Annual LANTANA ‘Radiation’

A mix of glowing red and orange. Hummingbird magnet

Full sun
Annual LAURUS nobilis Bay Laurel

Evergreen, sturdy and fragrant. Because it is slow growing, it makes an excellent container plant. Leave the pot outside during summer and bring it inside for the winter in colder zones.

3-4 feet in a container Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual LEDEBOURIA socialis Silver Scilla

Bulbous plant with spotted leaves and flowers in spring looking just like Grape Hyacinth.

4-6 inches Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual LEONOTIS leonurus Lion's Ear

Brilliant orange, narrow tubular flowers in tiers on sturdy stems. Blooms late summer to fall.

36-48 inches Full sun