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Type Botanical Name Native Common Name Description Height Light Req. Zone Add to My List
Perennial WALDSTEINIA ternata Barren Strawberry

Tough rapid groundcover for any soil. Strawberry-like leaves and yellow flowers in spring. Combines well with spring bulbs.

4-6 inches Sun/Part Shade/Shade 3
WEIGELA ‘Czechmark Trilogy’ Weigela

Heavy bloomer covered in white blooms quickly transitioning to pink then red so all colors are present at the same time!

3-4 feet
Tree/Shrub WEIGELA florida First Editions ‘Shining Sensation’ Weigela

Lovely pink blooms in May/June contrast with the shiny burgundy foliage on arching branches. Deer/rabbit resistant. Attracts butterflies/hummingbirds.

5-6 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Tree/Shrub WEIGELA florida ‘Czechmark Trilogy’ Weigela

Blooms in shades of red, pink and white late spring to early summer. Attracts butterflies/hummingbirds. Deer/rabbit resistant. Light pruning after blooming only if necessary.

3-4 feet Full sun 4
Tree/Shrub WEIGELA florida ‘Lemon Ice’ Weigela

Light lemon-yellow flowers on reddish, immature branches in mid-to-late spring, earlier than most cultivars. Attracts hummingbirds.

5-6 feet Full sun 4
Tree/Shrub WEIGELA florida ‘Mor Colorful’ Weigela

Showy rose-colored buds open to lovely clusters of pink trumpet-shaped flowers in late spring. Variegated green and creamy white foliage with hints of pink and lime green when growth emerges in spring. Attracts butterflies/hummingbirds.

4 feet Full sun 4
WEIGELA ‘Lemon Ice’ Weigela

Lemon yellow blooms earlier in the season than other Weigelas.

5-6 feet
WEIGELA ‘Mor-Colourful’ Weigela

Cream-edged foliage is tinted pink and late spring blooms are also light pink.  Habit is compact.

3-4 feet
Tree/Shrub WEIGELA ‘Red Prince’ Weigela

Profuse bloom of outstanding, non-fading red. May repeat bloom. Attracts butterflies/hummingbirds.

5-6 feet Full sun 4
Tree/Shrub WEIGELA ‘Sonic Bloom Pearl’ Weigela

A strong repeat bloomer with showy white to pink flowers starting in June. Attracts hummingbirds.

4-6 feet Full Sun/Part Shade 4
Tree/Shrub WISTERIA macrostachya ‘Summer Cascade’ (syn. Betty Matthews) Summer Cascade Wisteria

Fragrant, foot-long tresses in blue-purple that blooms mid-to-late spring, and possibly twice more! Powerful grower, but not invasive. Prune after flowering and again in fall.

15-20 feet Full sun 4
Tree/Shrub XANTHORHIZA simplicissima Yellowroot

Celery-like foliage on an excellent groundcover plant for damp areas.  Foliage a yellow/orange/striking purple in autumn.

2-4 feet Sun/Part Shade/Shade 3
Tree/Shrub SYRINGA hyacinthiflora ‘Mount Baker’ Mount Baker Lilac

Early flowering hybrid with fragrant, single white flowers, and purplish fall color. Some disease resistance. Attracts pollinators.

6-10 feet Full sun 3
Annual ZINNIA elegans ‘Queeny Lemon Peach’ Zinnia

A new addition to Queeny series of Zinnias with bright yellow, double blooms showing a hint of lime green and raspberry blush center on strong stems perfect for cutting! Deer resisitant Drought tolerant Attracts all pollinators

30-36" Full sun Tropical
Annual ZINNIA elegans ‘Queeny Orange Lime’ Zinnia

Apricot, peach, lime-green and raspberry hues all in each flower. Very double and full blooming all summer with regular deadheading. Give each plant plenty of room to keep powdery mildew in check. Deer resistant. Drought tolerant. Attracts all pollinators.

30-36" Full sun Tropical
Annual ZINNIA elegans ‘Queeny Red Lime’ Zinnia

A gorgeous combination of rose-red, lime-green and mauve in a fluffy flower. Tall and strong stems make a perfect cut flower all summer. Keep it deadheaded for continuous bloom. Deer resistant Drought tolkerant Attracts all the pollinators

30-36" Full sun Tropical
Annual ZINNIA ‘Profusion Series’ Zinnia

The plants in this series have a dense and bushy habit with non-stop 2″ blooms, both single and double, through the summer, no deadheading required. Butterfly attractant. Drought/heat tolerant. Amazing as cut flowers. Comes in lots of colors. We’ll carry 6-packs for 2022!

12-24 inches Sun Tropical
Annual ZINNIA ‘Zahara Series’ Zinnia

A compact Zinnia that blooms all summer with 2 1/2” brilliant blooms over disease-resistant foliage. No deadheading required. Butterfly attractant. Drought/heat/humidity tolerant. Amazing as cut flowers. We’ll have 6-packs for 2022!

16-20 inches Sun Tropical