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Trees & Shrubs

Type Botanical Name Native Common Name Description Height Light Req. Zone Add to My List
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON ‘Maxecat’ Evergreen Rhododendron

Dense, vigorous, mound-forming, evergreen shrub. Large, narrow, shiny, dark green foliage. Pink flowers open in late spring.

4-6 feet Sun/Part Shade 5
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON ‘Northern Hi-Lights’ Deciduous Azalea

Very showy flowers are a bi-color of white and yellow.

4-6 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON ‘Olga Mezitt’ Evergreen Rhododendron

Large trusses of clear pink flowers in late spring with small shiny evergreen leaves.

4-5 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON ‘PJM Compact’ Small-leaved Rhododendron

Very hardy small-leaved, compact, evergreen Rhododendron with rich purple-pink clusters of flowers in spring. the foliage turns a beautiful shade of red in fall.

4-4.5' Sun/Part Shade 3
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON ‘Scintillation’ Evergreen Rhododendron

Dense-growing evergreen that’s covered with lightly-fragrant pink flowers with golden freckles in mid-to-late spring.

4-6 feet Full Sun/Part Shade 5
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON canadense ‘Alba’ White Rhodora

Star-like white flowers and gray-green foliage. Native to the swamps and bogs of the Northeast.

2-4 feet Sun/Part Shade 3
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON cumberlandense Cumberland Azalea

These are plants from seed collected by one of our customers from the mountains of Virginia.  They’ve been growing in South Starksboro!  Bright red-orange flowers in late June/early July.

3-4 feet Sun/Part Shade 5
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON mucronulatum Korean Rhododendron

Rosy purple flowers in early spring before the leaves emerge. Try with forsythia!

4-8 feet Part Shade 5
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON mucronulatum ‘Cornell Pink’ Korean Rhododendron

Blooms in late April with clear pink flowers before the leaves emerge. A bright pop of color in early spring. Lovely with white narcissus.

4-6 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON prinophyllum ‘Marie Hoffman’ Roseshell Azalea

A triploid form of the Vermont native species with larger, clear pink fragrant flowers in May.

4-6 feet Sun/Part Shade 3
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON schlippenbachii Royal Azalea

Upright growing with the leaves in whorls around stems. Beautiful, fragrant soft pink flowers in spring just before the leaves. Doesn’t always bloom for us, but the foliage is worth it.

6-8 feet Part Shade/Shade 4
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON viscosum Swamp Azalea

A native azalea with delicate, fragrant lavender-pink blooms that open in June.  Habit is loose and open.  Great for wet locations.

3-8 feet Part Shade 3
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON viscosum ‘Pink Mist’ Swamp Azalea

A form of a native azalea with delicate pink blooms. Fragrant flowers in June.  Upright habit.

8-10 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON yakushimanum ‘Ken Janeck’ Evergreen Rhododendron

Considered one of the best ‘Yak’ hybrids. Heavily indumented large leaves. Pink flowers in  mid-spring fade to white. Habit compact and mounding.

2-4 feet Full Sun/Part Shade 5
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON yakushimanum ‘Smirnowii’ Evergreen Rhododedron

Beautiful foliage with silvery indumentum on the new growth. Lovely pink flowers in mid/late spring.

4-6 feet Part Shade/Shade 4
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON yakushimanum ‘Yaku Prince’ Evergreen Rhododendron

This Yak hybrid has pink blooms with dark spotting in mid-to-late spring. Slender olive green leaves.

3-4 feet Part Shade/Shade 5
Tree/Shrub RHODODENDRON viscosum ‘Lemon Drop’ Swamp Azalea, Deciduous Azalea

Peach-hued buds open to small butter-yellow tubular flowers with a subtle lemon fragrance, in July. Attracts many pollinators. Red-orange fall color, and red stems for winter interest. Salt tolerant.

5-7 feet Part Shade 4
Tree/Shrub RHUS aromatica ‘Gro-Low’ Gro-Low Fragrant Sumac

Excellent for bank control. Fast-growing groundcover. Glossy green foliage turns scarlet to orange in the fall.

18-30 inches Sun/Part Shade 4
Tree/Shrub RHUS copallina ‘Lanham Purple’ Shining Sumac

Purple-red leaves and stems with fabulous bright red fall color. Good for naturalizing large areas. Spreads. Drought/salt tolerant.

8-10 feet Sun/Part Shade 5
Tree/Shrub RHUS typhina ‘Tiger Eyes’ Cutleaf Sumac

Bright yellow cutleaf foliage contrasts with fuzzy purple-pink stems. Slow-spreading and great fall color.

6-8 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Tree/Shrub ROSA ‘Above and Beyond’ Hardy Climbing Rose

A Bailey Nurseries First Editions introduction, this is a super hardy climber with profuse semi-double apricot blooms in spring.  Some repeat bloom in summer.  Disease-resistant.

10-12 feet Sun 3
Tree/Shrub ROSA ‘Blanc de Coubert’ Rugosa Shrub Rose

Fragrant double white flowers over typical rugose foliage. Repeat bloomer.

4-5 feet Sun 4
Tree/Shrub ROSA ‘Carding Mill’ English Shrub Rose

Blooms blend pink, apricot and yellow, giving the overall impression of orange. Lovely myrrh fragrance. Bushy, rounded shrub with quite straight stems.

4 feet Sun 5
Tree/Shrub ROSA ‘Charles Darwin’ English Shrub Rose

Blooms are yellow-gold in color, with a strong, delicious fragrance; a sturdy shrub with broad, spreading growth. Repeat bloomer.

4-5 feet Sun 5
Tree/Shrub ROSA ‘Charlotte’ English Shrub Rose

Exquisite soft yellow, lightly fragrant flowers that start off beautifully cupped, then open to rosettes. Repeat blooms from late spring to frost.

4 feet Sun 5
Tree/Shrub ROSA ‘Cherry Frost’ Climbing Rose

Beautiful clusters of slighty-fragrant, small red blooms. Repeat blooms throughout the season in abundance. Dark green, glossy foliage. Superior disease resistance.

6-7 feet Sun 4
Tree/Shrub ROSA ‘Hansa’ Rugosa Shrub Rose

Fragrant double red-violet blooms on a vigorous plant. Recurrent. Large meaty rose hips.

4-6 feet Sun 3
Tree/Shrub ROSA ‘Lady of Shallot’ English Shrub Rose

Reblooms from late-spring to first frost! Orange-red buds filled with loosely arranged, orange petals; surrounding outer petals are salmon-pink with contrasting golden-yellow undersides. Warm, tea fragrance, with hints of spiced apple and cloves. Quickly forms a bushy shrub.

5 feet Sun 4
Tree/Shrub ROSA rugosa Rugosa Shrub Rose

Flowers are single pink and fragrant followed by orange-red hips. Has great hardiness and durablility.

3-4 feet Sun 2
Tree/Shrub ROSA rugosa ‘Alba’ Rugosa Shrub Rose

The white form of the hardy rugosa rose.  Same great fragrance and large hips.

3-4 feet Sun 2
Edibles RUBUS idaeus ‘Boyne’ Red Raspberry

An extremely hardy early-season red raspberry from Canada that is vigorous, disease resistant and productive.

4-6 feet Sun 3
Tree/Shrub RUBUS cockburnianus White-stemmed Bramble

Self-fertile; flowers from June to July, and the inedible seeds ripen from August to September. Arching branches provide winter interest.

9 feet Full Sun/Part Shade 5
Tree/Shrub RUBUS cockburnianus ‘Golden Vale’ Ghost Bramble

Grown for foliage rather than fruit, this cultivar has bright gold leaves through the summer on arching canes.  Stems are a great silvery pink in winter.  Cut to the ground in the spring to maintain size.

4-6 feet Sun/Part Shade 5
Edibles RUBUS idaeus ‘Fallgold’ Everbearing Raspberry

A deliciously sweet, rare self-fertile gold raspberry with the ability to produce two crops each season- late summer to fall harvest, and a second crop arrives the following late-spring/early summer on the same canes.

4 feet Full sun 4
Tree/Shrub RUBUS thibetanus ‘Silver Fern’ Ghost Bramble

White stems and silver tomentose foliage. Clusters of red/purple flowers are followed by black, blackberry-like inedible fruits. The stems also provide winter interest.

30-36 inches Sun/Part Shade 5b
Tree/Shrub SALIX alba ‘Flame’ Flame Willow

Grown for its brilliant red winter stems. Cut back annually. To 35’ if unpruned.

30-40 feet Sun/Part Shade 3
Tree/Shrub SALIX candida ‘Iceberg Alley’ Sageleaf Willow

Powdery, silver foliage adds texture and contrast when combined with other shrubs. Rounded form; blooms in spring with silver catkins, red stamens and nectar for pollinators. Tolerant of moist soils and a good choice for rain gardens. Deer resistant. Attract bees/hummingbirds.

3-6 feet Full Sun/Part Shade 2
Tree/Shrub SALIX gracilistyla ‘Melanostachys’ Black Pussy Willow

Nearly black male catkins in spring highlighted by showy red anthers that gradually turn yellow with pollen. Winter stems are an attractive purplish black. Prefers moist areas. Deer resistant.

6-10 feet Full sun 5
Tree/Shrub SALIX integra ‘Hakuro Nishiki’ Japanese Dappled Willow

A striking, very hardy willow with pink, cream and white variegation most pronounced on new growth.

8-10 feet Full Sun/Part Shade 4
Tree/Shrub SALIX gracilistyla melanostachys Black Pussywillow

Grown for its black catkins in early spring. Great cut with forsythia or witch hazel blooms.

8-10 feet Sun/Part Shade 3
Tree/Shrub SALIX boydii Boyd's Willow

A mini tree or shrub with soft, round fuzzy gray-green foliage that develops a gnarly character with age.  Great specimen for rock gardens.

10-12 inches Sun/Part Shade 5
Edibles SAMBUCUS nigra ‘Black Lace’ Black Elderberry

A form with delicate, lacy black foliage, similar in feel to Japanese maples. Large umbels of light pink flowers in June, followed in fall by edible blackish-red berries if a suitable pollinator is planted nearby. Does well in moist sites. Prune hard for best foliage effect.

6-8 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Edibles SAMBUCUS nigra ‘Instant Karma’ Variegated Elderberry

Crisp green and white variegated foliage with large, lacy white flowers in early summer. Berries will follow if a pollinator like S. ‘Black Lace’ is present.  A Proven Winners intro. Deer/rabbit resistant.

6-8 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Edibles SAMBUCUS racemosa ‘Lemony Lace’ Golden Elderberry

A Proven Winners intro with very dissected gold foliage tinted red in the spring.  Mounded habit. White spring flowers produce red fruit in fall, if the same species of plant is nearby for pollination.

3-5 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Tree/Shrub SCHIZOPHRAGMA hydrangeoides ‘Moonlight’ Japanese Hydrangea Vine

Similar to the climbing hydrangea, this cultivar has attractive silver-patterned foliage and large, flat white flower clusters through the summer.

15-20 feet Part Shade 5
Tree/Shrub SORBUS aria ‘Lutescens’ Whitebeam Mountain Ash

Lovely pyramidal form with silver foliage and red fruit. A most beautiful tree.

20-25 feet Sun 4
Tree/Shrub SORBUS thuringiaca ‘Fastigiata’ (syn. ‘Quercifolia’) Hybrid Whitebeam, Oakleaf Mountain Ash

Columnar when young but becomes broadly upright; has an oval crown of deep green leaves with silvery-grey undersides, with clusters of flat-topped white flowers in mid-spring followed by drooping red berries. Not a host to emerald ash borer, as these aren’t true ashes.

40 feet Sun 5
Tree/Shrub SPIRAEA betulifolia ‘Glow Girl’ Birchleaf Spirea

A gold-foliaged form of S. ‘Tor’ with the same white blooms and great habit.

2-4 feet Sun/Part Shade 3
Tree/Shrub SPIRAEA betulifolia ‘Pink Sparkler’ Birchleaf Spirea

A cultivar with beautiful pink blooms and the same attractive foliage and burgundy fall color as S. ‘Tor’.  Some rebloom in the fall.

2-4 feet Sun/Part Shade 3
Tree/Shrub SPIRAEA betulifolia ‘Tor’ Birchleaf Spirea

Small gray-green birch-like foliage on a compact, rounded shrub. White flowers in June. Colors up nicely in the fall. One of our favorite spireas.

2-4 feet Sun/Part Shade 3