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Type Botanical Name Native Common Name Description Height Light Req. Zone Add to My List
Perennial POLEMONIUM boreale ‘Heavenly Habit’ Jacob's Ladder

Large blue, lightly fragrant flowers with white centers appear on upright stalks in spring. Glossy fern-like foliage forms a compact mound.

10-12 inches Sun/Part Shade 3
Perennial POLEMONIUM caeruleum ‘Brise d’Anjou’ Jacob's Ladder

‘Brise d’Anjou’ boasts beautiful cream-and-green variegated foliage all season. Violet-blue flowers appear from late spring to early summer. This variety of Jacob’s ladder prefers rich, consistently moist, well-drained soil and cooler climates.

12" Part Shade/Shade 4
Perennial POLEMONIUM reptans Jacob's Ladder

This woodland native bears delicate light blue flowers over a tidy mound of ladder-like foliage in late spring.

12-18 inches Part Shade/Shade 4
Perennial POLEMONIUM yezoense ‘Purple Rain’ Jacob's Ladder

Fernlike, maroon foliage in spring and fall, transitioning to deep green in summer. Clusters of relatively large, soft violet blue flowers in spring.

12-18 inches Sun/Part Shade 4
POLYGONATUM odoratum ‘Variegatum’ Variegated Solomon’s Seal

Green, edged in white, variegated foliage with reddish stems. Attractive arching habit and small dangling bells in spring.

8-10 inches Part Shade/Shade 4
POLYGONATUM humile Dwarf Solomon’s Seal

Very dwarf form spreading slowly with white flowers in late spring. Nice small scale groundcover.

6-8 inches Part Shade/Shade 4
Perennial POLYGONATUM lasianthum Solomon's Seal

Long stems of narrow leaves with pairs of dangling narrow white bells.

12-18 inches Part Shade/Shade 5
Perennial POLYGONATUM odoratum ‘Ruby Slippers’ Solomon's Seal

Stems in this cultivar are bright red and leaves have silvery undersides. Typical arching habit and white dangling bells in late spring.

20-22 inches Part Shade/Shade 4
Perennial POLYGONATUM Prince Charming’ Hybrid Solomon's Seal

This hybrid between P. biflorum and P. humile is covered with small white bells on arching stems in the spring.  Forms a dense mat of blue-green foliage.

12-14 inches Part Shade 4
Perennial POLYGONATUM verticillatum Solomon's Seal

A different Solomon’s seal with narrow foliage whorled on slightly arching stems.  Small white bells dangle from the leaf axils in late spring.

1-2 feet Part Shade/Shade 5
Fern POLYSTICHUM acrostichoides Christmas Fern

A native, evergreen, very adaptable fern. Attractive pinnate fronds. Deer/rabbit resistant.

12-24 inches Part Shade/Shade 3
Perennial PORTERANTHUS trifoliatus (Gillenia) Bowman’s Root

Reddish stems sport a myriad of small white flowers on wiry stems in June-July.

2-3 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Perennial PORTERANTHUS trifoliatus ‘Pink Profusion’ (Gillenia) Bowman's Root

Like the species, but with clear pink flowers held above reddish leaves on deep red stems.

2-3 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Annual PORTULACA ‘Colorblast Mango Mojito’ Moss Rose

Succulent and trailing plant covered in yellow and orange striped blooms.  The Colorblast series have blooms that stay open longer in low light conditions.

4-6 inches Sun Succulent
Annual PORTULACA Pazzazz ‘Ultra Deep Pink’ Moss Rose

Large pink flowers with a bright yellow eye.

8-12" Sun Succulent
Perennial POTENTILLA atrosanquinea ‘Scarlet Starlit’ Ruby Cinquefoil

Vigorous and free flowering with bright red flowers over an extended period.  Attractive silky gray-green foliage forms a compact mound. Best in well-drained soils.

10-12 inches Sun 5
Perennial POTENTILLA fragiformis ‘Gold Sovereign’ Woolly Cinquefoil

Large felty green leaves with shiny white hairs and yellow flowers in spring. Low growing plant for rock garden or ground cover in well-drained soil.  Tolerates heat and humidity.

8-10 inches Sun 5
Tree/Shrub POTENTILLA fruticosa ‘Pink Beauty’ Shrubby Cinquefoil

Light pink flowers through the summer on a compact, fine-textured plant. Nearly pest-free. Deer/drought/salt resistant. Attracts butterflies.

2-4 feet Sun 3
Perennial PRIMULA acaulis ‘Blue Zebra’ English Primrose

Amazing large blue and white striped flowers with a bright yellow eye on a small mounding plant in spring.

6-8" Part Shade 4
Perennial PRIMULA acaulis ‘Finish Mix’ English Primrose

A hybrid with large flowers in early spring over compact foliage.  Available in mixed colors.

6-8 inches Part Shade 5
Perennial PRIMULA auricula Alpine Primrose

A true alpine and requires a cool, well-drained site. These hybrids have a four to five inch rosette of fleshy leaves from which arises a four-inch flower stalk. The flowers are found in almost all colors of the rainbow. Garden auriculas are good rockery plants or they can be used at the front of a […]

6-8" Sun/Part Shade 4
Perennial PRIMULA capitata ‘Salvana’ Capitate Primrose

Himalayan species with round heads of dark violet flowers dusted with silver in summer. The long stems hold the flowers well above the foliage.

8-10 inches Part Shade 5
Perennial PRIMULA cortusoides ‘Primadiente Rose’ Siberian Primrose

Forming a low rosette of medium-green leaves and bearing open heads of star-shaped pink blooms from mid to late spring. Perfect for a moist rock garden or in light shade beside a stream or pond. Best in cool summer regions.

8-10" Full Sun/Part Shade 3
Perennial PRIMULA denticulata Drumstick Primrose

Spherical clusters of blue, white or magenta flowers on top of smooth stalks in early spring.  One of the first primroses to bloom.

10-12 inches Part Shade 4
Perennial PRIMULA elatior ‘Gold Lace’ Oxlip

Beautiful dark maroon petals are centered and edged with gold.  Blooms in April-May.

10-12 inches Part Shade 5
Perennial PRIMULA frondosa Bird's Eye Primrose

Short stems of pale pinkish-lilac to red-purple flowers with yellow eyes on these dainty plants perfect for the rock garden or to add to your collection of Primula, blooming mid-spring. Partial shade in humus-rich, moist soil

6-8 Sun/Part Shade 4
Perennial PRIMULA japonica ‘Alba’ Japanese Primrose

A white candelabrum type. that blooms in May-June.   Easy and prolific in the garden.  Will naturalize along moist stream sides.

18-24 inches Part Shade 4
PRIMULA japonica ‘Apple Blossom’ Japanese Primrose

Tiers of light pink flowers with darker eyes. May -June.

22-24 inches Part Shade 4
Perennial PRIMULA japonica ‘Appleblossom’ Candelabra Primrose

Shell pink flowers encircle the stems of this beautiful plant. Grow it along the stream or pond as it requires consistently moist soil to grow well. Self seeding to create a beautiful swath of color in early summer.

18-30" Sun/Part Shade 4
PRIMULA japonica ‘Miller’s Crimson’ Japanese Primrose

Candelabrum type with 7-10 tiers of crimson flowers in May-June.

22-24 inches Part Shade 4
Perennial PRIMULA japonica ‘Miller’s Crimson’ Japanese Primrose

Tiers of bright red flowers surround the sturdy stems of this Asian primrose. Ideal for planting along the stream side or pond edge. It will self sow but not in an invasive way.

18-30" Sun/Part Shade 4
Perennial PRIMULA kisoana Primrose

Rounded fuzzy foliage and hot pink flowers. Stoloniferous. Withstands drier conditions than most primrose.

6-8 inches Part Shade/Shade 4
Perennial PRIMULA sieboldii ‘Lavender Lace’ Primrose

Downy rosettes topped with many-flowered scapes of lavender blooms in spring. Flower petals are notched like snowflakes.  Summer dormant.

10-12 inches Part Shade 4
Perennial PRIMULA sieboldii Mix Primrose

Downy rosettes topped with many-flowered scapes, white to deep pink flowers.  Summer dormant.

10-12 inches Part Shade 4
Perennial PRIMULA veris ‘Sunset Shades’ Cowslip Primrose

A seed strain of  European cowslip with pendulous flowers in yellow, orange & red in early spring.

8-10 inches Part Shade 4
Perennial PRIMULA vulgaris Primrose

Old-fashioned favorite with a fragrant yellow spring bloom and textured foliage.

6-8 inches Part Shade 4
Perennial PRIMULA vulgaris ‘Belarina Nectarine’ English Primrose

A vigorous strain from England with large, double yellow flowers are tinged with apricot pink in spring.

6-8 inches Sun/Part Shade 4
Perennial PRIMULA vulgaris ‘Oakleaf Yellow Picotee’ Primrose

A primrose with unusual oak-leaf shaped foliage. Bright yellow flowers with orange-red edges appear in early spring. Very hardy; compact flowering.

12-14 inches Part Shade/Shade 4
Perennial PRIMULA bullesiana Candelabra Primrose

Cross between P. bulleyana and P. beesiana. Tiers of yellow, orange, or pink flowers.

22-24 inches Part Shade 4
Perennial PRIMULA polyantha ‘Francesca’ Primrose

A very different primrose with light green fringed flowers,each centered with a yellow eye.   Long-blooming and fragrant.

10-12 inches Part Shade 4
Edibles PRUNUS ‘North Star’ Sour Cherry

A genetic dwarf selected at the University of MN. Very productive sour pie cherry. Self-fertile.

8-10 feet Sun 4
Tree/Shrub PRUNUS incisa ‘Little Twist’ Flowering Cherry

A dwarf cherry with zigzag stems. Cluster of pink-centered white flowers in early spring. We’ll have trained as a standard.

3-4 feet Sun/Part Shade 5
Edibles PRUNUS maritima Beach Plum

Quick growing attractive native shrub. Pretty white spring flowers that appear before the foliage and small purple edible plums are good for fresh eating, and jams/jellies. Tolerant of salt and poor soils.

3-6 feet Sun 4
Edibles PRUNUS ‘Contender’ Peach

A vigorous and productive new peach for the north! Buds are hardier and blooms later, so more suitable for our climate. Flesh is bright yellow, sweet and juicy and ripens mid to late August. Good disease resistance. Self-fertile.

12-15 feet Sun 4
Tree/Shrub PRUNUS ‘Pink Snow Showers’ Weeping Flowering Cherry

Masses of double pink flowers cover the graceful, weeping branches in early spring followed by lush green foliage that becomes deep golden in fall. A beautiful choice as a specimen.

15-20 feet Full sun 4
Edibles PRUNUS ‘Alderman’ Plum

Blanketed in stunning clusters of fragrant white flowers in early spring before the leaves. A popular and hardy fruit tree with tasty red fruit in late summer, great for eating fresh, for preserves and sauces. Good habit for a fruit tree. Needs well-drained soil and a pollinator.

15 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Edibles PRUNUS ‘Stanley’ Plum

Deep purple oval fruit with golden flesh.  Ripens in September and self-pollinating.

10-15 feet Sun 5
Tree/Shrub PRUNUS subhirtella ‘Pink Snow Showers’ Weeping Cherry

A beautiful weeping cherry with double pink flowers.  The leaves stay a glossy green throughout the growing season.

15-25 feet Sun/Part Shade 5
Tree/Shrub PRUNUS subhirtella ‘Snow Fountains’ Weeping Cherry

A weeping form covered with clouds of white flowers in early spring.

12-15 feet Sun 5
Edibles PRUNUS ‘Sungold’ Apricot

Bright, clear gold fruit hanging on tree until ripe. Flavor is mild and sweet. Delicious fresh out of hand and great in sauce or jam. Late variety.

10-15 feet Full sun 4