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Type Botanical Name Native Common Name Description Height Light Req. Zone Add to My List
VIBURNUM x burkwoodii Korean Spice Bush

More open growing than V. ‘Mohawk’.  Pink buds open to fragrant white flowers in early spring. 

8-10 feet
Perennial VINCA minor ‘Alba’ Periwinkle

The white-flowered form of a easy, vigorous groundcover.

6-8 inches Sun/Part Shade/Shade
Perennial VINCA minor ‘Bowles Variety’ Periwinkle

Dark evergreen foliage and violet-blue spring flowers. Great groundcover.

6-8 inches Sun/Part Shade/Shade 4
Perennial VINCA minor ‘Ralph Shugert’ Periwinkle

Glossy oval leaves with a wide white margin and sky-blue flowers.

6-8 inches Sun/Part Shade/Shade 4
Annual Vinca ‘Tatoo Blackberry’ Flowering Vinca

Dark purple hues.

10-14 inches Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual Vinca ‘Tatoo Papaya’ Flowering Vinca

Deep salmon pink blooms brushed with black.

10-14 inches Sun/Part Shade Tropical
Annual Vinca ‘Titan Dark Red’ Flowering Vinca

Heavy flowering with deep red blooms.

14-16 inches Sun Tropical
Perennial WALDSTEINIA ternata Barren Strawberry

Tough rapid groundcover for any soil. Strawberry-like leaves and yellow flowers in spring. Combines well with spring bulbs.

4-6 inches Sun/Part Shade/Shade 3
WEIGELA ‘Czechmark Trilogy’ Weigela

Heavy bloomer covered in white blooms quickly transitioning to pink then red so all colors are present at the same time!

3-4 feet
Tree/Shrub WEIGELA First Editions ‘Shining Sensation’ Weigela

Lovely pink blooms contrast with the shiny burgundy foliage on arching branches.

5-6 feet Sun/Part Shade 4
Tree/Shrub WEIGELA florida ‘Variegata’ Weigela

Variegated form with foliage edged cream. Prolific light pink flowers in June.

5-6 feet
WEIGELA ‘Lemon Ice’ Weigela

Lemon yellow blooms earlier in the season than other Weigelas.

5-6 feet
Tree/Shrub WEIGELA ‘Maroon Swoon’ Weigela

Gorgeous maroon red flowers start in June and last through the summer.  Foliage is a rich green.

4-5 feet
WEIGELA ‘Mor-Colourful’ Weigela

Cream-edged foliage is tinted pink and late spring blooms are also light pink.  Habit is compact.

3-4 feet
Tree/Shrub WEIGELA ‘Red Prince’ Weigela

Profuse bloom of outstanding, non-fading red. May repeat bloom.

5-6 feet 4
Tree/Shrub WEIGELA ‘Sonic Bloom Pink’ Weigela

A repeat bloomer with hot pink flowers starting in June.

4-6 feet 4
Tree/Shrub WEIGELA subsessilis ‘Canary’ Weigela

Pale yellow June trumpets on a rounded, spreading shrub.

3-5 feet
WISTERIA frutescens ‘Amethyst Falls’ American Wisteria

A purple-flowered cultivar that we have used as a standard to grow in a container.  Will not reliably bloom in our climate unless protected.

20-25 feet 5
Tree/Shrub WISTERIA macrostachya ‘Blue Moon’ Kentucky Wisteria

Gorgeous, pendulous racemes of pale lavender pea-like blooms in June. Hardier than the Asian species.

15-20 feet 4
Tree/Shrub WISTERIA macrostachya ‘Betty Matthews’ Summer Cascade Wisteria

Long racemes of lavender pea-like blooms in June.  Flowers on new wood.  Excellent hardy new variety.

15-20 feet
Tree/Shrub XANTHORHIZA simplicissima Yellowroot

Celery-like foliage on an excellent groundcover plant for damp areas.  Foliage a striking purple in autumn.

2-4 feet Sun/Part Shade/Shade 3
Annual ZINNIA ‘Zahara Fire’ Zinnia

A compact Zinnia that blooms all summer with 21/2” brilliant orange blooms over disease-resistant foliage.  

12-18 inches Sun Tropical
Annual Zinnia ‘Zahara XL Pink’ Zinnia

Large medium-light pink blooms.

12-18 inches Sun Tropical